Overview of the Philosophy & Physical Computing Workshop

How can we be sure what causes what? How can we choose the right variables for making discoveries? Why do experiments tell us more than observations alone? Is there a reliable way to learn the true hypothesis in an uncertain world? How can we test ideas about methodology against the real world? These questions sit at the intersection of computer science, philosophy, and scientific methodology. Are you interested in learning how these disciplines can help each other make progress? If so, this summer workshop is for you.

When: June 19 – July 2, 2017
Where: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Who should apply:
The workshop is open to graduate students in master’s or PhD programs in philosophy or the sciences, including computer science.

What’s included:
Students accepted into the program will be provided with full room and board.

What you’ll learn:
– basic programming skills for machine learning
– philosophical approaches to scientific methodology
– formal learning theory
– how to interface computers with the physical world
– how to share what you’ve learned

What you’ll do:
– many hands-on projects in philosophy and machine learning with physical systems
– run a “Robot Scientist” outreach event for secondary school students

To apply:

Additional information:
If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this site, please contact the program director, Dr. Benjamin Jantzen, at bjantzen@vt.edu.


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